Vineyard Shopping Center

Vineyard Shopping Center is located on 5100 Clayton Road in Concord, California.  It is a multi-tenant neighborhood shopping center located in an area that has one of the highest population growth rates in the Bay Area.  It is conveniently located near Highway 680 but its primary purpose is to serve the surrounding neighborhood. 

There is a total of 153,364 square feet rentable area.  The parking lot contains approximately 400 spots.  See site plan or property photographs.

The shopping center currently has 19 tenants including McCaulous, Blockbuster, and K-Mart.  

Currently there is one space available for rent.  It is 1,387 square feet and located on A15 5100 Clayton Road, Concord, CA.  If you are interested in renting, contact us by phone (650) 938-1888 or email